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Passing Through


"Passing Through" is the most recent and resource-abundant film on Art Works Continuum and covers a handful of the artists who have spent up to 20 years painting with the project and its founder. Existentialist-Impressionist film style renders SKID ROW, ITS INHABITANTS, ARTISTS, AND CRAGGY TIP OF SAN PEDRO... the aging artists new pied de terre.

CLICK ON "ARROW" amidst imbedded FILM IMAGE for TRAILER.


The film is rendered in the esoteric yet highly renowned and awarded thematic and stylistic manner of its director, Mr. Leslie Dektor.

Most of the film was shot between 2014 and 2018 and then released online by Gravitas Ventures.  Yet the veteran but innovative, Mr. Dektor, continues with, and beyond, the film to explore continuations, extensions, cutting-edge exhibition-screening constructs, as well as final publication of the in-parallel book, "WE ARE, WE DANCE, WE PAINT".

18 Minutes from "Passing Through", random segments on Artists, O.G., Benjamin, Jerome, Charles, Darlene, Gary, Rory.

(on Art Project, its Artists, and on Skid Row and, as a surprise, also on San Pedro, the southernmost tip of the City of Los Angeles).

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