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ART WORKS CONTINUUM is an MFA type studio arts program, and archiving dynamic, serving marginalized peoples including those challenged by homelessness or recent homelessness. 

Encompassing, and highly defined by its ten years (1998-2008) as the Original Skid Row LAMP ART PROJECT in Los Angeles' intensely oppressed but culturally rich SKID ROW sector, the project's roots go back yet further.

In the early 1970's a high level studio and art history course, University of California accredited, at the Special Security Unit of California Institution for Women was organized and taught by Art Work Continuum's founder, Rory White, for the Women's Prison Project: Working closely with the Prison Project founder, the late Dr. Karlene Faith Ph.D.


Rory continues to be primary artist in residence of Art Works Continuum today, with its pied de terre on the southernmost extreme tip of Los Angeles, the Point Fermin promontory at the tip of San Pedro, set between the great Port of Los Angeles and Coastal San Pedro, just below the Palos Verdes Peninsula.    

ART WORKS CONTINUUM offers a studio environment including supplies that would be normative to a University Master of Fine Arts Program, but offered for free to Marginalized Persons who have no normal access to graduate academic or visual arts programs in our current societal matrix.

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