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O.G. Manuel Compito


O.G. MANUEL COMPITO, was already an advanced painter and activist, when he hooked up with our project, in the year 2000.  

Manuel has continued his painting and unsurpassed Social Justice Activism in Skid Row, even as he was a member of the original Black Panther Party.  

His outspoken charisma and heart for the people, with a special gift for working, also, with Youth, and his highly honed talent in art and eloquent, oft righteously confrontational, narrative power, at times welded together with music, also merges with the work of his wife, Lynne Price Compito:

Lynne is the founder of Barbed Wire Roses, and a studied graduate in Jurisprudence, Black History and Women's History.   

Scroll Down for O.G. Man / Manuel Compito's art work, and also see the many other pages on this site with O.G.'s striking persona and work!

(after viewing the images you can find much more on O.G. Man's work and activism by googling him, (cf Manuel Compito, OG N Service, Skid Row Clothing Line, and searching his numerous facebook pages and sites.  Likewise search FB and the Web under Lynne Price-Compito, lynne.price.31 , Barbwire and Roses, etc.).

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